Insights From Extraordinary Coaches - Co-Authored Book

Transform Your Life with the BE-ME-DO Framework

Discover the essence of transformation with the BE-ME-DO framework, a unique approach to personal and professional greatness that I've honed through my experience in the IT industry and coaching practice.

The BE-ME-DO framework strategically aligns your Beliefs (B) and Experiences (E) to foster a constructive Mindset (M) within your Environment (E) guiding your Actions (DO). It encourages setting clear Directions (D) to achieve impactful Outcomes (O). This integrated approach ensures that your inner convictions and learned experiences actively inform your mindset, propelling you towards deliberate actions that lead to significant results in conducive settings.

In our co-authored book, I share this empowering framework in my chapter "The Power Of Reaching Greatness," offering the tools to overcome challenges and turn aspirations into reality. Grab your copy now and begin weaving together the elements of belief, experience, and action to chart your course to greatness alongside many other inspiring stories from fellow extraordinary coaches.

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Dive into the wisdom of the BE-ME-DO framework and unlock your potential today!


Milan Stancevic is a Single Author of the Book featuring an extended BE-ME-DO framework: "To Be Me, I Do" and "I Have Done It."